Pregnancy check

Earlier in the year, after Ze Bull left, we paid the vet to draw blood, that we sent off to preg-check some cows.  He was so nice to show us how to do it, so we did it on our own this time.

Getting the cows into the chute can make this an eventful job.  We had 2 that will walk right in for us, as they have been milked, and are used to following us.
For the other 3, we had to get them in the pasture next to the squeeze chute, then into the concrete holding area, then lead them down the long path you see by the barn with silver rails, into the actual squeeze chute.
We have one cow that does not respond to the food-in-the-bucket trick, and we were unable to test her.
The first two cows got 6 or 8 sticks, until I got the hang of it.  Then the others just got one or two sticks.  Hopefully I'll remember the spot to hit next year.  DH had to hold the tail up (you wouldn't believe how muscular a cow's tail is), and the magic spot is at the base of the tail, and of course they like to poop at some point during this procedure.
Then the blood is transferred from the syringe to the test tube.  I learned that they are vacuum sealed, and if there is more blood in the syringe than needed, and you pull the needle our of the vial, blood squirts everywhere---hard to explain, but true.  DH shipped these off to a lab, and now we wait on results.
And on a totally unrelated note, 
Look at Happy butterball learning to be a big doggy=)

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  1. Ok, you are way better farmer than me; I can't stick anything. I just hold and close my eyes while JD does it. Your puppy makes me want one! He is so cute. I call Nathan Butterball however.