Cuteness and organizing

How can I resist posting pics of this bundle of fuzziness!
With up to 4 quarts of yogurt, a quart of sour cream, a few quarts of buttermilk, and about three gallons of milk in my kitchen fridge at any given time, things were getting confusing.
I have used a sharpie to write on lids, but they end up with so much writing on them that it can't be read.
I skim 1/2 of the cream off of our milk to make butter, making the milk comparable to 2% store bought milk.
DH likes it better with all the cream, so I have been putting a pink ponytail holder around his milk for some time.  Today I added yellow for buttermilk, blue for yogurt, purple for sour cream, and taped a key on the fridge wall to keep it all straight.
One small step toward an organized home, 5,739,214 more to go.


  1. What a fantastic idea! Hope your family has a blessed Christmas season.

  2. That puppy makes me want one. Our collie is awesome; can't imagine a better dog. Lincoln is way old and seldom gets up and I'm looking forward to Alei taking the two little dogs to her new home. So, no puppy for now.