#14--cow that is

Meet Elvin, name selected by Waid.  He's a Sim Angus.  
He was born at another farm on Dec. 16th.  He somehow got away from his mommy that day, and then she would not take him back.  His owner gave him to the man who has put our last 2 pools in.  He has a Jersey, and the hope was that the Jersey could take care of little Elvin.

It didn't work out.  Our friend didn't have time to bottle feed this baby 3-4 times a day, so he called us.

The previous owner of our farm left a sign on the barn that says "animal shelter"......it has proven to be true, as we have rescued several animals.  Elvin is doing great now, and drinking 3 quarts of milk a day.  He is quickly working his way up to the normal half gallon, two times a day
Happy Butterball has discovered "the ball room", a lean-to off the back of the barn, and having some fun with the big ball=)  We're having lots of rain (and mud) this week, he needs a bath!

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  1. We are just swamp land at this point - I can't take much more!