New cow!

Welcome Coralee!!
Since Becky the foster cow went home, we've been low on milk.  Lilly is in the drying-up process, after 10 months of milking.  Ten months is pretty good for her, since she is 1/2 Angus.

Josie is doing well, but we are bottle feeding 2 calves.  That left us with  only about a gallon a day for ourselves, which made it hard to make yogurt, and other extras.  Also, we knew we needed another cow by spring, because Josie would need to be dried up before her next calf, and have a resting period.
Coralee came from the same farm as Josie.  She should calve within a few weeks.
The welcoming committee came from way across the pasture to meet Coralee.  
Spot, the rental bull, was picked up as Coralee was delivered--we hope he did his job, and that we now have 8 pregnant cows.  
Peaches, Jenna's birthday cat, thinks she runs the place!
And look at Ginger, the kids say she's starting to look like a wooly mammoth with that winter coat.

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