Kitchen, later that day

So, here are are more pictures of our kitchen being torn up.
In the ceiling, above a cabinet, we discovered this......a very heavy, cast iron "thing" that a chimney pipe went trough at one time.
And looking up through that hole, we saw this.  OK, we knew from being in the attic, that this chimney was there.
The last of the sheet rock coming down.  We are leaving the wall on the right as it is.  There is a built in set of cabinets there that we believed were added in the 60's.  We think the original steps down to the cellar were there.
The next day I sprayed all the paper spots with water, and scraped them off.  Then I mopped the wall with vinegar-water.  There were some weird smells in all those layers of wall.  Then I filled nail holes with wood putty.  Next will be to do a little sanding, then prime and paint!  I will probably take the ceiling down before I paint though.  YES, I talked DH into pulling the ceiling down too!  There is a door way on one end, and a cased opening on the other end, so those are good starting and ending points to expose the wood, but leave the sheet rock up in the connecting areas.

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  1. I'm tired from reading your last few posts! Good night; you may be the only people I know that have more projects going on then we do. We just decided that we have to break from the garage build and whip up a cow shed; I'm still deciding if I'm going to buy Mooster's mom that is for sale. I'm still scared! Can you come help?
    Desperate in VA,