I pulled a calf!

Coralee calved just four days after arriving on our farm.  I had already been closely watching her for a day.  I also had the kids help me walk her through the milking barn a few times as training.  The next morning when we went out to milk, I knew she would calve soon!  Things did not progress as quickly as with our other cows.  I'm certainly no expert, but when we saw feet for an hour, and things weren't progressing, I began to get a little nervous.  
So I put on my leather gloves, and began to help, with each contraction.  After a few, 1/2 of the calf was born.  I cleared the nose and mouth, and let Coralee finish the delivery.  Emmi has seen a few calf births, and goat births.  Wes stayed with us this time, and made some pretty weird faces. 
As we talked about it though, Wes thought it was pretty amazing how God created the whole process to work.
This is our smallest calf yet.  If you've been with us a while, you know all of our cows have theme names, for example, all of Lilly's daughters will be named after flowers.  The boy's names don't have to be in the theme, because they will either be butchered or sold.  We did think of a boy name for this little guy, that fits the theme though.  Emmi wanted the theme to be jewels this time, Coral isn't exactly the first gemstone that comes to mind, but it is used in jewelry.  Anyway, our little bull is named Garnet!
The general rule for a Jersey, is milk her within 12 hours.  Of course Garnet had to come along and DH babysat him while Coralee was being milked.  They have both been very easy to deal with, we're very thankful for that!

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  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I haven't stopped by in quite a while. I am always so impressed with the quality and steadfastness of the work your family does!!! ~ Trina S.