Did you ever just wake up and think......

I'll demolish my kitchen today???  Neither did we.
In the corner pictured below is the old propane water heater.  When we switched the whole house to natural gas, and put the new water heater in the attic, we thought we'd just leave the old one in the kitchen corner, until we got some other things done.
That was, until we discovered a friend was in need of a propane water heater.  SO we started out this morning, with the goal of simply getting the water heater out, but knew it would mean cutting the wall/cabinet to get it out....it was very tightly wedged in there.  Who builds a cabinet around a water heater?
My plan was to cut the green part straight across to be even with the open cabinet, and just paint the "new corner" green, and do something simple to extend the counter top.  The whole goal was to keep it simple, and decide at a later date whether to get a cabinet man to change some things, get re-faced, etc.
After the layer of wood that made up the cabinet, there was dark brown paneling.
Then the thin linoleum type material that looked like tile.
Then there were 2 layers of wallpaper.  But then.......
Tongue and groove!!!!!!!!!  
We decided we could not re-cover this "piece of history".  SO we did what any farm house loving people would do....proceeded to tear down all of the cabinets on one wall, and part of another.
Yes, we did this in the middle of a bathroom build, and all the other odds and ends we have going on.
Yes, DH may have finally lost his mind.  I can hardly believe that he went along with this spur of the moment, no plan demo!

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  1. I am in a tiny apartment rental with 4 of my kiddos (to go back to school we had to downsize) the hot water tank is a half size and built into the corner in the kitchen think Lazy Suzan. The repair did not have fun and thinks ours was installed without the counter top, he was able to fix ours or he would have had to build a cupboard like yours to house a full size one.