We've been so busy lately, I can barely keep up with all the posts I want to post.
Kristen and Waid's birthdays are just a week apart.  Kristen is working 6 - 12 hour shifts a week.  Since she was able to visit on this day, we figured we better combing celebrations.
We took off candles when Waid was done, and let Kristen blow out  two candles on one end, and four on the other, for 24.  She did a silly pout because she did not get her own cake.

A week before his birthday, Waid informed me he would like a stuffed octopus.  I have no clue where that idea came from, thank goodness for Amazon.
He loves construction vehicles that talk.  Although he is 10, mentally he is about 5.
Kristen always finds neat presents.
Happy Birthday Waid and Kristen!

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