Whitewash love

We knew when we bought this house, that we did not want to use sheet rock in our renovation.
There is plenty of that already, and we wanted to go back to the farmhouse roots.
Plus, DH absolutely despises doing sheet rock.
So we opted for tongue and groove pine.  DH would have been thrilled to leave it natural, or stain it, but agreed that I could have my way.....and whitewash it.

Even though the actual walls have been up almost a year, I'm just now getting around to the whitewashing.
I used the same eggshell paint as the ceiling, and mixed it 2 to 1 with water.  
Polycrylic was used as a clear, low sheen sealer, so that the walls are washable.
ONE day there will be crown molding, and baseboards on those walls, and a door frame on the door.
OH, it looks so much better, and I love it!

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