Interesting ceiling and wall

Renovating an old house is filled with surprises.  
I think I have finally dated the house to the 1930's, but still not sure.  I think I have figured out the original floorplan, and the fact that there probably was an outhouse.  If I could get under the house (yeh, right) I could be a little more certain.  
Anyway, the ceiling in the original part is one inch tongue and groove.  OHHHHH how I wish this had not been covered over in every room.
The reason it's on the toilet is because it was just cut out to make a hole for the vent fan.
At some point, maybe 1950's?, this lovely 1/2" ceiling was put over the wood.  It's tiles made from a cardboardish material.
Look at the gorgeous saw marks and character of this wood!  I wonder too, if this is timber from our land, milled on site.  We only have 1 little closet where the wood was not covered, it is painted white.
I am going to ask an elderly man that works at the local hardware store about this...
The boards for the exterior front of the house are run at an angle.  This picture is from inside the bathroom, where we cut through the sheet rock and wood, to get to the electrical.
I've seen the boards run at an angle in old pictures.  I'm hoping my friend will know a little more about this, and can help me get a better idea of the date it was built.  
I've also wondered if there would be anything on record at the courthouse to help me.  We know it was most definitely before 1950, there was a fireplace in the den and kitchen, and there was a cellar.
The window's could 1920's, but may have been reused from another house.  The floors are 3" pine tongue and groove.
The detective work continues.

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  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Your county auditor might have records on when the house was first built or first sold etc., possibly even including owners' names and any time a permit was applied for to make a change to the house.