Farmer skills

Or should I say Jack of all trades.

Today's farmer skills include redneck sewage line repairs.
Earlier in the summer a leak was discovered in the field lines to the milk barn's septic tank.  The  field lines were busted.  Since this is the part of the system PAST the septic tank, we didn't have to be in a huge rush (or work in 100 degree temps) to repair it.  
We only run about 20 gallons of water a day through the milk barn, and rarely use the toilet, so the broken field lines only resulted in an occasional mushy spot, nothing major.
Here is DH's fix-it solution, let me again state that this is PAST the septic tank, so only  gray water coming through here.
After we filled the hole in with a load of gravel, Wes and AJ had the job of spreading grass seed and hay over the dirt.  Below they are loading square bales onto the tractor, to use for ground cover.
All that work, now lets go have some fun with Moe!!

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