Electrical guy

The love of my life can do anything, really.
He actually IS an electrician, although he has a fancy desk job that is 6 stories below street level, and has 6 security checks, including fingerprint recognition, just to get to his desk. 
 (All thanks to government regulations for power facilities after 9-11).
Since we added more plugs and lighting in the garage-turned-den, and power to run the pool, our circuit box was full.  Too full to add bathroom plugs and lighting.  So, almost 2 days had to be devoted to re-doing it all and adding a bigger panel.
He dealt with all these wires just because he loves me and wants to get the house like I want it=).
I helped him pull some of the wires, and kept him supplied with ice water and moral support.
I walked a mile in the house, back and forth checking plugs and lights, with DH on the phone, so the new panel could be thoroughly labeled.  
Almost done, doesn't that look much better!  Thank you DH!

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  1. JD is wiring the garage and apartment now - same power panel but he has James to do your job (or I guess, what would be my job!)