Blessed that my hubby has plumbing skills. 
 Blessed that we have a tractor to do most of the digging.

Blessed to live in a rural area where we don't have to pay lots of money for permits,  and a plumber to do something we are able to do ourselves.
Though we still have a long way to go, we are blessed to have a functioning master shower, even if does have a painter's extension pole for a rod, and the curtain is tied up with ribbon.... until I get to the store later this week.
Blessed to have what 2.6 billion people (about 40%)  in the world do not have....an indoor toilet.  

Actually we have 4,  three in the house and 1 in the milk barn.  
More blessed (in terms of plumbing) than 
1.6 million Americans.  YES, 1.6 MILLION Americans do not have indoor toilets, per 2014 census info.
(When you live in a renovation, things don't necessarily get done in the normal order i.e. toilet before walls)
Of course I will be thrilled when the bathroom shiplap walls go in, the details are done, and it looks pretty.  
But I am thankful for the lessons along the way.  

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