That DH just spent half the day, and over $1,000 at Lowe's. 
 But what that REALLY means is that my bathroom is getting wired and plumbed tomorrow!!

Can you feel my excitement!  OK, I'll try to calm down.  
In other news....
Wes found this cute little bottle in a pasture.
My porch is clean, until the plumbing work begins tomorrow.  
In fact I pressure washed the entire house.  Feeling returned to my arms about 3 days later =0
I removed the very ugly aluminum shutters that were on the windows.  
Craftsman style, wide trim, was never meant to be paired with shutters.
I would love for that wide trim and the eaves to be another color....in fact I'd like the whole house to be another color............maybe one day.
After the washing, a little color difference can still be seen where the shutters were, but not as much as shown above.
I also made this sign by the front door.  I bought an already painted canvas at a thrift store for a dollar, then just painted over the previous artwork.

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