Sanford and son

would feel right at home....., until this week.  This is our 4th burn pile in the year that we have lived here.
Don't worry, the tire on the right will be removed.
We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, getting this farm in order, and like we want it.

DH took 2 of these loads to the scrap metal place.  There were 3 kitchen sinks, a water heater, old freezer and stove, lots of bent fencing material, old swing set frames and oh, so much more.
I was soooo happy to see the scrap metal pile go, it was icing on the cake to get paid $130 for all that scrap!

Our parking shed is clean.   Boys swept, and swept, and swept.  Then I got out the blower, and it looked like a Kansas dust storm.  At one point we were blowing it out weekly.....it is back on the boy's chore list.
And my van was so dirty.....yes,  I blew it out.  It actually works great if you plan to wipe the seats and wall panels afterward, so they aren't left with dust on them.
We're having a clean week=)

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