My Dr. Bronner's trial

Many of the homestead blogs I read have mentioned Dr. Bronner's soaps from time to time.  
One night I came across this site.  They rate everything from cosmetics to paint for dangerous chemicals, you can even click on the item and find out what the danger issue is with a specific chemical.  
I knew hair coloring was questionable (I didn't color my hair until age 40, and stopped at 47), and I knew about the dangers in antiperspirant (have used a homemade deodorant for a few years), but I learned so much more!
For example:  Did you know that tear free baby soaps aren't really tear free?  A drug (yes, drug) is added to basically numb the eye so the baby doesn't feel the pain from the soap.  And that triclosan is in many hand soaps, could be cancer causing, and is being banned in a few states?
In fact many of the chemicals in our body care products are banned in European countries (not to mention many of the chemicals in our foods).  Oh, and dryer sheets and toxic fumes....don't even get me started.
Just let me jump into my trial:

I bought castille liquid soap, bar soap, lotion, hand soap, conditioner, and shave gel.  Hubby has not used the shave gel, so I have no review on that.  I bought most items in peppermint scent, because their website has monthly specials, and peppermint was on sale in June.  
Bar soap:  Love it.  A good bit pricier than the Ivory we have used for decades, but a bar lasts about 2 weeks.  We purchased the other scents at Whole Foods, except rose, which had awful reviews.  We like the peppermint the best, followed by Tea tree.  The tea tree doesn't smell great, but has the added disinfecting qualities of tea tree oil.  The bar soap as a shampoo is fine for DH's very short hair, but turned mine into straw.  Actually it stripped everything away (like any bar soap does to hair) and left me with straw.
Which leads me to the conditioning hair rinse.  It only comes in citrus, which I didn't like, it works O.K.  but it comes out to be about 50 cents per use----NO THANKS!!  Dr. Bronner's has a blog, that suggested rinsing with apple cider vinegar as an option.  I used the acv rinse, it left me with a few tangles at the ends, which Dr. Bronner's hair creme (not pictured) took care of.  
After a month, I returned to my normal suave product, the acv rinse, and a little leave in conditioner on the ends.  After only 2 days my hair was restored from straw, to this:

Moving right along.....handsoap: great, lotion: OK but left me sticky feeling, liquid castile soap: great for some things.  The liquid castile soap claims many uses, I only used it for body wash, dishes, mop solution and all purpose cleaner.  The body wash mix was OK, I just didn't care for it and think I would use too much to be cost effective.  For dishes-no- doesn't foam, didn't work well.  Mop solution- great, and room smells great afterwards.  My favorite:  All purpose cleaner.  I have used this mix daily when wiping kitchen counters.  Cleans well, and I love the scent.  I have sprayed it on my hands after chopping onions, and it takes away the onion smell.  For all the ways I used the liquid castile soap for the last 2 months, I have only put about a 6 oz. dent in a 32 oz. bottle, making this quite cost effective for the ways I am using it.
In conclusion (finally!) we will continue to use the liquid castile soap for AP cleaner and mop solution, the bar soap, and the adult bath will have the hand soap (too expensive for kids, they continue to use homemade foaming soap).
The girls are now using Everyone all in one soap and lotion, and like it.  Ours came from Whole Foods, but can also be bought at Amazon.   This lower their "dangerous chemicals" score from a 5 to a 3.
The giant 32 oz. size with a pump make it a winner for kids in the shower.
The boys will soon be testing Everyday Shea's body wash--chemical score only 1.
And I will try their shampoo and conditioner after my suave runs out.

Thanks for sticking with me through this long post.  Are you trying to healthier products?  What do you like?

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  1. I have just started ordering from the honest company - I like the stuff but haven't really used the shampoo and can't fathom the cost for my tribe on some things. I'm scared of the deodorants but need to try something natural - I just don't like sweat!