Becky leaves

Becky Botsford has gone back home to have her baby.
She is a really sweet girl, and we hope she will come back and visit next year.
Spot, the Jersey bull, is here for a visit.  We should have put ZeBull with all of the cows, but we wanted to keep the "beefers" pure.  We were supposed to borrow a neighbor's Angus bull, but just before his visit he became injured and unable to perform his duties.  He went to freezer camp.
Moe and Flossie are great friends for little Gus and Jack.
We've had a pretty boring week---which is WONDERFUL compared to last week.
We found a way to till the garden without a tiller----pigs.  Ours are large black heritage pigs that graze, and only root a little bit.
In "if you give a mouse a cookie" format,  there was a huge felled tree trunk and stump in the pig pen.  DH got our friend with a backhoe to remove it.  To do that, part of the pig pen had to be taken down.  The pigs roam one of the pastures during the day, but are put up at night, which posed a problem with their pen disassembled.  Weather and time restrictions didn't leave us with many options.
The garden was a complete mess, knee high weeds in some places, and the gate was not wide enough to get the lawnmower through it.  We made a gate on the pasture side of the garden.  Now the pigs can stay there until they are butchered in November.  Also, we are now able to get the mower into the garden....but the pigs have done such a good job, we don't need to.

The cows and goats also helped a little, they all especially enjoyed the morning glories.
When the pigs leave in November, we will put down cardboard and at least 6 inches of mulch, like we did in Trussville.  This is the "Back to Eden" method.  Hopefully next year we will not need pigs OR a lawnmower in the garden!

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