Random things from this week

Many mornings Lilly gets a Morning Glory crown made for her.  She looks pretty for a moment, then gobbles it up.

Ze Bull left.  And judging from Josie's deep affection for him, breeding efforts were successful.
Lilly was also put with Ze Bull.  An Angus bull will soon be visiting from next door, to mate with Lora, Charmaine, and Lucy.
More hay was cut.  The green tractor operator is the neighbor whose Angus bull will visit us.
We got a much needed air conditioner for the milk/feed storage room.  There are two refrigerators putting off heat in the room, and the windows did not have screens, so couldn't be left open.  We couldn't leave the door open, since all the feed is stored in there.  I was hot when pouring up milk and washing milking equipment.  This room was always at least 10 degrees hotter than outdoors, many days the room was over 100 degrees!

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