Pears galore!

We are so thankful for our pear tree!!!
Some of the kids got to be lifted up to pick pears for our pear sauce and pear bread.

These are large (shown in 2 c. measuring cup for size).  They are yummy and sweet, not gritty either.

The kids eat them everyday when they go out to play or do chores.  They eat them after lunch.  
Thanks to canning, they'll be eating them with lunches for 21 weeks during the winter months.

I canned 21 quarts.
Bugs and birds get to the fallen pears faster than we can keep them picked up.  The kids pick them up twice a day and feed to all the animals---who also love them.  A few times we have let Moe and Flossie out to get their fill eating under the pear tree.
When anyone is out near the pear tree Toby the mini-donk comes running and Hee-hawing, in hopes that someone will toss him some pears......everyone loves pears!

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