Master bedroom

There is a birdbath just outside the window, I am enjoying the chaise lounge for computer time.  It was previously in the living room at the last 2 houses.
I finished the curtains over the weekend, complete with black out lining for my DH who sometimes works night shift.  We stuck with brown walls, again, for DH when he works night shift.  I like them too, it makes the cream colored bed stand out more.

The decor is basically the same as in the last house.  I looked at new fabrics, but kept coming back to the linen print.  The print at the top of the curtains is the same fabric I made valances out of at the last house.
This is the most windows we've ever had in a bedroom, I love it!
We have the same 60" ceiling fan in the den, we liked the barnwood finish blades that we put the same fan in the bedroom.
Below is a picture with the curtains pulled, notice my pattern lines up--Yay me!!, things don't always turn out so well.
Scroll on down to see how I'm fooling you with my pretty room.........

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