Growing cows and its been Monday all week

Our Monday began last Saturday when the plumber never showed up, and never called.  
He is the same guy the re-plumbed the whole house.  He does this as a side job, and was even going to help DH run some wiring in the attic, so my bathroom is at a standstill before it even got started good.

Gus and Jack are doing well, and making friends =)

The bad pic below shows one of them next to Flossie, who is 3 months and 1 week older than the little one.
If you ever want a huge and fast growing cow, get a Charolais!  Below on the right is Ginger, 6 mo old, that's her mom Charmaine on the left.
Ginger is not completely weened, even though she's such a big girl!
Our cow world is great, but the rest of the week has worn me down.  I've had to leave the house 3 days this week (my hermit self does not like to leave more than once a week).  Two of those trips involved boys throwing up in the car.  
**I've made it through 23.5 years of parenting without anyone throwing up in the car---why now??**
A trip two weeks ago also involved throw up.  Why would 2 boys who have flown around the world, and ridden crazy amusement park rides, suddenly start throwing up on car trips?  I don't know who I felt worse for, the throw up kid, or the rest of the passengers that had to endure the rest of the day with unpleasant odors.
This week we've had pigs escape, and goats escape.  Two cows jumped the cattle crossing to get to an old nasty and wet roll of hay, when they had lush green grass all around them----cows are supposed to be smart.
It's just been a hard week, every job has taken longer than intended, goat buyer didn't show up, construction on a nearby hi-way that takes an extra 10 minutes to get through, Avery has a cavity, I forgot to lay meat out for supper, supper dishes still on the counter at 8 pm (2 night), kid has a spill, kid breaks something, and the list goes on.  I know they are all little things I shouldn't sweat, but when things all seam to hit at once, it's just no fun.   Praying we all have a better week soon!

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