A birthday and a sour experiment

The sour experiment first, because that's how the pictures loaded.   
The sour cream recipe I have is 8 oz. cream, and 2 oz. sour cream, or buttermilk, or yogurt as the starter.  
In the past I had used (the most delicious) sour cream by Organic Valley as my starter.  But that meant I had to buy it and keep it on hand, which sort of defeats the purpose....
(or always remember to keep 2oz. from each batch, to make the next batch, which is a pain, and must be done each week before it goes bad)
I always have homemade yogurt on hand, but that means using something that took a while to make, in order to produce the sour cream.  We always have buttermilk on hand, as a by-product of making butter.  Since none of us drink buttermilk, it's used in baking and fed to pigs, so it would be the best choice.  But, I wanted to do the taste test with all three starters.
The sour cream with the Organic Valley starter was the best, buttermilk second, and the jar made with yogurt wasn't really good at all.  Since the buttermilk starter is a free by-product of my butter making, that is what I will stick with.  
And if you're wondering how to make your own.....Put the 8 oz. cream and the 2 oz. starter in a jar on the counter for 36 hours.  You're done, that's it!!!  Store in fridge for up to a week.

And the birthday.........this time it was AJ.    He turned 12.
He picked out a Lego set the next day, when we went to Birmingham. 
This ends our streak of 5 birthdays in 5 weeks.  

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