Lesson learned

New farmer lesson # 12.  Don't buy a tractor until you know what you need.
DH had to have something to get started with, we had to buy something, many pastures to bush hog, and so much other work to do.  With several projects, DH began to realize this was not the tractor he needed.
Thank goodness he was able to sell it quickly, and not lose money.
The new tractor is being delivered soon.  
It's been so hot, we are letting the kittens cool off in the feed storage room.
Jake said the heat index in Pensacola was 114 degrees one day last week----wow!

Our pears are falling off the tree due to the weight, but aren't ripe yet.  Felicity does not care.  The kids gather the pears up and put them on the golf cart, then we distribute the special treats to the animals.
Below is my biggest batch of butter yet....TEN and a half pounds!

That's been life on the farm this week, hope yours has been great.

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