All day in the kitchen

Just wanted to give you some numbers on my butter making.  You can see how I make my cultured butter here.  I started out that way at least.  Now I whip for 10 minutes, drain buttermilk, then whip a few more minutes, getting most of the liquid out, so not as much kneading is needed.
Now for the numbers:  4 1/2 gallons of cream, collected over 4 or 5 days.  Seventeen quart jars, filled to the 24 oz mark.  I suppose I could use my 1/2 gallon jars; but I know the 24 oz thing works perfectly.  If I used larger jars, the 12 hours on the counter would be affected, and I don't have the time for discovery, so I stick with what works!
I put 6 cups of liquid in my mixer, it is a professional 6 qt size, any more and it sloshes out, even with the pouring shield/splash guard on it.
Yield:  11.75 pounds of butter!
Time from mixer to freezer:  3 hours.
By product: 7.5 quarts of buttermilk.

Today I was in a crazy cooking mood, and actually wanted to be in the kitchen.  So, I also made 2 coconut cream pies.
and stuffed portabella  mushrooms!

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