Ze Bull and another guest

"Ze Bull", as the kids call him, will be visiting with us for a few weeks.  His mission is to mate with Lilly.
Since she is part Jersey, we wanted to breed her with a Jersey bull, so the calf will be almost all Jersey.
Ze Bull is used to travelling around to different farms, call him "Mr. Rent a Bull".  His "family" owns over 600 cows, and sells to the big dairies.  His  owner is a vet, and is who we got Josie from.  
Ze Bull will be visiting again in a few months to mate with Josie.  It is a huge blessing to have found Josie, and in doing so, finding bulls to meet yearly breeding needs.
I guess we somehow made an impression on the man, as he asked us to "babysit" another Jersey as well.  
We've named this girl Becky Botsford, for her time here.  THe busy owner did not have time to milk her.  He did not want to dry her up yet, but did not have enough calves to put with her to drink all the milk, so she needs milking for a couple of months.  In nature, her own calf would be enough to milk her out, and the supply meets the demand.  But breeding practices being what they are, the owner needs 3 babies to put on each cow!  Since the family has been raising cows for generations, and probably know everybody in the county, I feel pretty special to have been called on to "babysit" this girl.
We don't need more milk (currently 7 gallons a day), so I will make butter with Becky's milk.  Currently I am able to make 7 lbs of butter a week, so it will be interesting to see how much I can grow my freezer stock of free butter with Becky's help!

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  1. You can can butter so it doesn't take freezer room! Wish I were there to get in on that!