We've been busy

I have 8+ quart jars on the counter overnight, at least twice a week.........
to make 4+ pounds of butter the next morning.  I enjoy doing it, and love the butter, but it is time consuming. 
We found  blackberries in the orchard.
Becky, on the left, NEEDS to go to jail.  She makes me walk across the whole pasture to get her at milking time.  A GOOD cow waits at the gate!
(FYI, many road signs were left on the property, I did not obtain them by illegal actions!)
Many of our mornings are looking like this.  Lots of haze on the mountain top, then it burns off in a couple of hours and gets HOT!
More goats coming tomorrow!

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  1. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Janet, out of curiosity why do you leave the cream on the counter overnight? I've never heard of that. When we were getting fresh cows milk for our baby kids, we would make butter too. :) ~ Trina S