Thankful that we are blessed to have a garden!  We did not get to have one last year.
My past attempts at lettuce have not been good, I am very excited.

I thought we would never get the garden planted, we had so much rain!
The garden is not pretty, or set up the way we wanted.  By the time we could plant, our plans went out the window, and we had to just get it done a little each day.
This is a volunteer tomato.  I'm sure I've pulled up other volunteer plants from the previous owner's garden.  Unfortunately I'm not a seasoned gardener, and cannot tell what things are until the vegi actually shows.
Thankful that our hay is finally done.  Again, all that rain interfered.  
Thankful to have a neighbor with hay equipment.
Thankful for eggs, they are $3.09 at WalMart!  That's just for normal eggs, not organic or free range.  We get about 10 a day from our chickens.  I am also thankful that, if all goes according to plan, my last case of chicken purchased at Whole Foods was MY LAST!  We have chicks due to be butchered in July, and plan to figure out a regular hatching/growing/butchering schedule.  

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