This week has been hard...

actually that is an understatement.  Last Sat. the plumber walked through the screen on our new french door.
On Sunday my new stove was delivered; my 2nd new stove.  Because the first one had a burner that did not work.  On Sunday our pool was installed, on Monday I discovered a leak.
On Tuesday, the new calf was born, and her mama wasn't feeding her.  Which meant we had to begin milking Josie, and we were not prepared.  I am thankful DH was off until Sat, which meant he was able to help "train" Josie.  I also had him to help "fight off" the other cows, who wanted to get through the gate when we were working with Josie.
Tuesday I dealt with pool people, and painted the girls bathroom, but never got to the trim or cabinets.
Supposedly, a rhinoceros beetle was stuck under the liner of the pool, and chewed his way through to escape certain death.  Not so sure I believe it,  but the hole is patched......I have a patch on a brand new pool.  The pool business is contacting the liner manufacturer to see what to do....trying to get a new liner.  Meanwhile, we cannot continue filling the pool, because if we get a new liner, that would mean draining, and re-filling, to the tune of $400 of water. 
Also on Tuesday, DH took AJ to the oral surgeon for a pre-op appointment.  He has to get SEVEN teeth removed, four of which are impacted.  Because of his heart issues and the number of teeth, the surgery will be at Children's Hospital.
Wednesday's garden planting and fence building ended with a bursted water pipe, hit by the auger.
Thursday the clothes rack in the closet fell.
Saturday, was my first day to milk both cows without DH.  Four gallons of milk, at 9 lbs each, plus the milk jug that weighs at least 10 lbs, equals disaster.  When I tried to lift it up and over the sink edge, the locking lid handle came undone because it wasn't being held straight, and all the milk went into the floor.  The cats were in heaven.....I was not.
Saturday I pressure washed the milking parlor floor and pit, Lilly was so impressed that she pooped all over the place at milking time.
Josie jumped the cattle crossing in an effort to get to baby Flossie, who now lives in the barn.  Chaos ensued as we got Josie back into her pasture, and listened to her cry the rest of the day.
The end of a very difficult week ended on a good note.  Jake came home to be in a friend's wedding,  He got to meet and feed Flossie, and help me with the milking this morning.  Kristen will be here later today, so I will have all 8 kids here for Mother's Day.
I'm thankful for that, and that no persons or animals were hurt during this crazy week.  I am hoping that next week goes smoother, and that we get the garden and the girls bathroom finished.


  1. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Oh dear friend, Im sorry your week has been so hectic. I have nothing to give but ((hugs)) and praying for favor with the pool. Happy Mothers Day.~Trina S.

  2. Sometimes it seems that life hits all at once, doesn't it? So sorry and hope you got some rest on Sunday.