It was a beautiful day yesterday.....until feeding time.
It rained 2.54" in two hours.
I know precisely how much, because we have power company weather equipment by our barn.
(Pretty cool, all solar equipment, info goes to satellite, then to the headquarters in Birmingham.)
And our golf cart is in the middle of a repair, jacked up in the parking shed.  
That meant we had to walk everywhere, and make multiple trips in the pouring rain, to get animals fed.
We were stuck in the milk room for a while.  
Wes and Emmi entertained themselves by opening up feed sacks and drawing on them.
Four other kids were in the house alone, doing who-knows-what.
At milking time the cows did not come to the gate.  
Why would the leave their heavily treed spot along the fence line to walk through the torrential rain and lightening to be milked??
So I had to go get them, because the end was no where in sight, and it was getting dark.
We survived, I still love farm life.

My three "babies" are such great pals!  William will need to move in with the big cows soon, 
Moe's heart will be broken=(.
Does anyone know what this is???  A real plant, or a weed that just happens to flower??

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  1. Hi. I've seen this plant here in Australia and believe it is called "Wandering Jew". It sure can wander and can take over other plants. The flower is pretty though.
    best wishes Jennette