Goat's milk!!!

YAY!!  Not a lot, but YAY!!

The kids (Hers-not mine) will be weaned in 2 weeks and then we should get at least a quart a day.  
Milly didn't get to practice ahead of time like Lilly the cow did.  We didn't have everything ready until 2 weeks AFTER the babies were born.  She squatted a lot the 1st day, DH and I were holding her back legs up.  Day two she only squatted a little.
Milly was not supposed to be pregnant when we got her in December.....apparently she was.
DH was able to make an even trade: his Mini Cooper for an Accord.  He loved the mini, BUT there is only one dealer (and service center) in the state.  Lesson learned.  For routine maintenance DH had to take it back to the dealer.  That has been two times since we moved.  We used to live about 20 minutes from the dealer, now it is over an hour and a half.  Taking a car in for service is a pain anyway, much less driving 3 hours round trip to do so.    This is still the case with my van, which only Mercedes will service, but I don't have many options, since our needs are more specific for the van.

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