Homemade rustic light

In a former life, this was a funnel used for diesel fuel, it is quite large.  The previous farmer gave it to DH.  The minute I laid eyes on it, I knew I would save it from a life with diesel fuel.
After lots of scrubbing bubbles, I made a light.  This small hallway had a light at one end, and I wanted it in the center.  DH the electrician can handle those problems, except this time there was an attic door in the way.

No problem, swag it across to the center, and unhook it in the rare instance that the attic ladder is needed.
I was looking at a rope-wrapped cord from W*rld Market, and considered making my own burlap cord cover.   I was thrilled to discover this one at Tuesd*y Morning for $7!  Add the Edison bulb and I've got a great light for under $25!
Even the little goaties are excited!

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