Friends go adventuring

That's the name of a cute kids book, by the way.
It was a beautiful weekend, after the crazy freeze.
Since we are studying the Civil War, the kids pretended to be scouts, redcoats, etc.  They took turns being the leaders, such as George Washington, Robert E. Lee, and Ulysses S. Grant.  (oops, I meant Abraham Lincoln, not George Washington--our curriculum is moving faster than my brain)
Then the soldiers talked mom and dad into adventuring to the back of our farm, about a half mile.
It gets rocky back there with some small gulleys.  One creek feeds from our lake, and another comes from another direction, and they meet at the back.  Such pretty little "waterfalls" along the way.
Our farm is totally fenced, so the cows come back to this area in the hot summer.  They get in the shade, and drink from the creeks.  They must really have good vision to maneuver around back here.
Even little Moe got to adventure!  


  1. Uh, George Washington -- Civil War? Pleeeze tell me you didn't write that!

  2. So cute - we had one day of warm, but it's like a swamp everywhere from all the melting snow.