While we still have power....

I thought I'd post a few pics.  Praying that power stays on, but it has blinked.
These were all taken about 4pm.  The snow started around 12:30.
So in 3.5 hours, we got 4 inches.  It is still snowing at 10pm.  I do not ever remember 9 hours straight of heavy, steady snowfall.  
We don't have TV, but computer updates say we have 6-10 inches, and are setting records.
Since 9pm I have seen some icicles from the eaves, which means there is some melting.  Which will most likely re-freeze overnight.  Not good for power lines.  Roads all across North AL have been closed since early afternoon.
I know my friends further north are chuckling at my update info....but for us, this kind of snow only happens a few times in our lives. (Thank Goodness!!)


  1. Wow, it all looks so pretty. We got rain all day and then it started snowing around 7:30 pm. Its all gone this morning.

  2. I feel your pain - we have been setting record lows all winter. I'm tired of it but another 5 inches fell in the night on top of the other that hadn't melted. We are out of firewood so I'm hoping our power stays on also!
    Love the polar bear dog!