This week....

The record cold temps continue, and when the ground is not frozen there is LOTS of mud.
Because of the temps, we have let the cows into the hay barn.  They may never leave.
Jenifer's favorite place to sleep is in a horse feeding trough in the barn.

Charmaine had her calf, 3 weeks after Lilly.  Two down, one more to go.
She is a pretty gray color.  Her name is Ginger, and she's a keeper, since she is a girl.
Here is William, chomping down on some hay at 3 weeks old.  
It started sleeting here before 12, and the snow started shortly thereafter.  It is supposed to snow for 9 hours.  We were supposed to go to the orthodontist in Bham today....rescheduled from last week.  That means we have missed a Wh*le Foods grocery day as well.  Last month we had to come straight home after the orthodontist appointment because of bad weather.  Needless to say, supplies are low.  I can't wait to re-stock next week, I'll be buying whole cases of many items.
Next post will have lots of snow pictures!


  1. I love all these pics! I can tell what you've been busy doing! Miss ya!

  2. The grey calf is gorgeous!