Feasting on the Manna

Are ya'll tired of hearing about Lilly yet?--too bad=)
Lilly is giving us 3 gallons a milk a day.  Oh my goodness, let me tell you what this means.
My kids can drink milk at every meal, about 10 gallons a week, instead of me rationing the 4 gallons we used to get at $8 a gallon.  Savings=$127.84 a month.
I can make our yogurt, that we eat twice a week for breakfast, saving $27.92 per month. (shown below)
I can make my own sour cream, saving $17.94 a month, and butter; saving $49.90 a month.

Since we are giving a gallon a day to baby William, I may not be able to make as many of the products as I want to just yet, but he is already nibbling at clover and hay.  And the fattest kitten ever--Mr. Fuzzypants, and the other 2 cats get to argue over the "test milk" everyday.
I can't wait to make mozzarella, cream cheese,.... and other cheeses when we milk goats!
Before cheeses, our savings on dairy products will be $223.60 (plus tax).  If I can eventually make all the cheese we use, the savings would be an additional $96.31 a month.

Of course all of these wonderful dairy products are not free, it cost thousands to get set up to machine milk, and pay for the cow.  It's hard to really figure out the cost: there's the land for pasture, non-gmo feed, water, electricity, our labor, and so on.....  But just counting the cow, milking machine, and a little wiring (DH is an electrician), the savings at Wh*le Foods pays for all of this in about 14 months.  This was Lilly's first calf, Lord willing, she could give us about 19 more calves!, and milk for over a decade.
And on top of all that, we get to see beautiful sunsets and sunrises, most of which we were missing before!  God is good!

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