Emmi's best friends

Ohhh, how she loves these animals!
This shot was taken a few weeks ago.
We were all out working and playing, when I spotted her on top of a hay bale.
I could hear talking? singing? or something.
I walked up quietly behind her.  She had Sawyer, the black cat, in her lap.
She said "oh, hey moma, I was just telling Sawyer all about our trip to Disney World... 
and the cows are listening too!"
And yes, she really has heartfelt conversations with them all=)
This was a pretty day a few weeks ago.
I'll have to remember these nice days next week....when if is supposed to be FOURTEEN degrees at sunrise!  Toto, I don't think we're in the southern half of Alabama any more.
I think I experienced 14 degrees once, in Mongolia.  No wait, that was negative 14.  Oh well, anything below 40 seems all the same to me.
And here's an old picture of Delilah I ran across.  Happy weekend.

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  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Loved catching up on your blog posts. Hopefully our week will be up and running as I hope this coming week, which means we will get letters wrote. Love all the pictures of your new beautiful farm life. Enjoy the remainder of your week. ~Trina S