What we accomplished last week : Inside

 No more garage doors in the den!!!
Still work to do, but now our den is totally usable, and insulated!
Laughing at my wall decor hung on framing and insulation?  I decided to test it all out before the pine went up on the remaining walls.  I sort of cringe putting holes in the pine, once a nail is in it, it's there forever.  
The wall behind the piano, and behind the recliners in the above photo, is a large storage room.  It contains the deep-freeze, canning equipment, toys, and all kinds of stuff.
I'm so excited to have my funny acrobat hanging up, and to have all my other accessories finally out of boxes.
Painting the ceiling, installing the remaining pine walls, white washing walls, painting and installing trim, and doing something with the concrete floor are all still to come.  These things will take time, I am just so thankful for the den to feel like a den, AND have an exterior door!

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  1. It's pretty; We planned on doing pine walls downstairs (because we started with a log home design and ditched it due to upkeep) but it never happened. I'm just happy to be almost done - it doesn't look like it will take you near as long!