More Christmas fun

This was the year of paper crafts at our house.  Even the boys got some sticker books, a farm animal punch out book and a how-to-draw book.

The girls got various paper dolls.  We got busy cutting, punching out, and laminating.  I love that they can get just as creative as with real dolls and clothes, but all the paper dolls fit in each girls plastic envelope.  This had huge appeal to me since we have limited space.
We had to have our Christmas early, because of big kid work schedules.  It's been a week, and the girls are still playing paper dolls.  Day...
after day!

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  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    where did you get your laminator from? If it works well, was it inexpensive? I could really use one of these as we are going to trying to make the largest majority of our gifts. ~Trina