Kitchen- done

I used the same color as I had in the kitchen at the last house.  I love blues and greens.  I took the cabinet doors off the top row on the wall pictured, and over the fridge, for some pretty display space.Wi
I made the curtains today!!! I found this fabric about a year ago, when we first started looking at houses. The curtain rod sags a little in the middle, I'll remedy that next time I go to Lowe's.
I bought these over sized pom pom things for the girls room, then discovered they didn't match, but discovered they did match my kitchen fabric.....a happy bit of whimsy.
A new fridge had to be purchased last week.  We discovered a down side to being out in the county.  The nearest craig-list listings are an hour in either direction.  That presents a problem when looking for a used fridge.  We knew we will have to have one when we start milking Lilly.  The one that came with the house was an older side-by-side; which I really didn't like, but was hoping to keep and find a $100 fridge for the milk barn.  We looked for weeks but finally gave up and bought a new one.  The side-by-side went to the milking barn.
When people found out we were moving, many made a comment about having to leave my wonderful old kitchen.  I've been blessed to have built 3 kitchens from the ground up; the last had 2 dishwashers, and a commercial built in supersized fridge.  I enjoyed it while we had it, but life isn't about awesome kitchens!
We love our old (65 years) new house!

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  1. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Love your attitude of contentment!!! ~ Trina
    P.S. I like your colors and décor, great job.