DIY marker board

I love my marker board!!!  I had this huge frame over the sofa in the living room at the last house.  It had colors that I am not using at all in this house, but I knew I had to do something with that huge frame!
I made a marker board to go in the hall off the kitchen.  I purchased extra fabric to match the kitchen, some spray adhesive, and it took less than an hour start to finish.  

I'm a list person.  Breakfast and lunch repeat each week, but the kids drive me crazy asking me what we are having.  I listed those items, and check them off daily.  The lower part lists meals for our 5 weeks between Whole Foods visits.  (5 weeks because that is how often we go to the orthodontist, which is just a few miles from WF---90 minute drive one way).   One column is for meals we have twice during that time, and one column is for things we have only once.  I check them off in the morning when I get the meat out of the freezer.  Then I write the dinner item on the chalkboard by the stove...so the kids won't ask me.
The other side of the wall has my piggy list.  My grocery list is on the computer, and it's the same every 5 weeks.  But when I run out of dry mustard, or want something extra for a dessert, it goes on the piggy list.

On a different note...can anyone tell me how to keep the chickens from congregating around the door!

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