Forty-six of you viewed the last post, but only Trina guessed.  The rest of you are disqualified from the prize.  Trina, your prize is knowing you made me laugh=).
No pot bellied pig....it's a mini-donk named Toby!!!!
He is 3, and rode home in the back of the van!  He is 33" tall and has a cross on his back (all mini's do).  He will walk on a leash, and is not skiddish at all.  Shortly after arriving home, the kids were able to love on him.  The mini-horses are ohhh so soft and cuddly, but are still leary of us.  Toby isn't as soft, but makes up for it with instant "i'm your best friend" personality.
He was so funny checking out the cows.  He would round the corner of the fence, and the cows would follow, as they checked each other out.  They all went back and forth around the corner of the fence several times.
We are sooo in love with him already!!

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  1. Mine is bad, bad, bad - hope yours is better trained!