Thankful Thursday

On Thursday, it went down to to 22 degrees; everyone was in shock.  Thursday is our normal errand day.  While we were out, we heard that all the stores were out of heaters, and the propane gas companies had  waiting lists.
I am thankful that God knew the things we needed on this farm; even though we didn't realize it initially.  Among those things, are freeze proof water spickets.   All 5 of out outdoor spickets are freeze proof.  I didn't even know there was such a thing until we moved here.  When we were feeding animals in record low temps, I'm very thankful that we did not have to worry about frozen pipes too!
I am also thankful for the progress DH made in the den yesterday.  Spurred on by the freezing temps, he got the ceiling wired, wires dropped down for wall plugs, wall insulation up, and insulation blown in the attic!

Small boys come in handy getting tools in and out of the attic!  Thanks Wes.

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