Goodbye and hello

Back in August, we were so excited that Delilah came with the farm we bought.  She is BIG though.  
Her back is taller than my 5'4" self.  As wonderful as she is/was, we --not being horse people--quickly realized the danger potential with such a large horse.
Her age, 2.5, being equivalent to a teenager, made her sassy.  She nipped at us, grabbed our clothes, not realizing she could hurt us.  Delilah struck a chord of fear in DH and I on a few occasions.  She once reared up standing right next to DH...and even my 6'4" hubby was a bit in shock.  She liked to run, full speed, around the pasture, then run right up to the fence and "slam on the brakes".  She did that a few times with the kids standing right at the fence.
Her feisty-ness and energy was just not working.  So we traded Delilah the day before Thanksgiving.

Aren't they adorable!  Sully and Snickers!  We traded a giant horse (around 2,000 lb) for 2 mini's who weigh about 100 lbs each.  They are 1/2 brothers, and about 9 months old.  They are a bit feisty too.  But it boils down to this....a kick from one of these guys will bruise and hurt me, a kick from Delilah could kill me.
So we are erring on the side of caution, and getting all this cuteness!  AND you'll never guess what I am supposed to pick up on Sunday!!?!!


  1. They are darling!

  2. Anonymous8:11 PM

    adorable!!!! Youre picking up a pot bellied pig!!!! ?????