Another dirty job

This is the milking pit in the old barn (not the one we will be using to milk).  There is a drain in there, but obviously it was stopped up.  There was at least 6" of debris in there.  While DH had the joy of shoveling out the pit, I shoveled out the sides, a storage room, 3 chicken coups, and another large covered area where the chickens hang out.  DH also was running the tractor back and forth to the burn pile with various debris.
Lucky you, I don't have a picture of the "before".  Seems the previous owner was a hardy believer in the deep litter method; for the past 20 years.  Although I understand that in cold climates, one must resort to the deep litter method, here in the south, I think it translates to "I'm not interested in keeping things clean, and I'm so glad someone coined a phrase to help me justify my lack of effort".
We started at 8am, and finished about 4.  Emmi fixed lunch and brought it to me, it was non-stop work.
I pressure washed for over 4 hours straight.  DH said it is about 1600 square feet.  We are so very thankful to have all of this on concrete!!  We can now easily maintain cleanliness with regular hosing out.

Happy chickens=more eggs, we hope!


  1. Wow - we completely shovel and clean it out in the spring and fall - spring goes in the garden and fall in now going where I'm composting for berry bushes.

  2. Anonymous9:26 PM

    We too do what Jenny does. We do have colder climates than you but we also want to make sure that they have plenty of surfaces to scratch on. We use mulch for this in our coop. Our chickens are primarily free range though other than when its raining and snow is on the ground. Everything seems to be coming right along for you guys. :) ~ Trina