There's a monster in the house

Oh, it's just Waid.  This boy keeps up laughing.  He wanted these house-shoes so bad, thank goodness they had XL!
We have a DEN!!!  What?  Yours doesn't have a garage door opener in the ceiling?  Nowhere near finished, but live-able enough to unwrap the furniture---finally.   The family hangout space in the evenings, for the past 6 weeks,  has been a chaise lounge in my bedroom... a little crowded.
There will be 2 sets of french doors where the garage doors are now.
And here's the other side. Side 2 insulation, electrical, etc., are to be done in the next couple of weeks.  We also have to insulate the attic portion.  Then there will be filling all the holes in the ceiling  that will be there when the garage doors and florescent lights come down.  I'll be painting the ceiling white, haven't decided whether or not to whitewash (or some other color) the walls.


  1. I have been looking over your last few posts and girl, how are you still kicking???? :)

    Iwould be going bonkers, but you are doing so well with all the new animals and the new home!!!!!!!! It all looks great!

  2. Anonymous5:28 PM

    That is awesome that you are getting so much done so quickly. ~Trina