Dirty jobs

The previous owner had to be out of all barns, sheds, etc., a few days ago.  So when we had total possession, we got busy!  Our farm was originally a dairy farm; isn't God funny that way, our whole journey to the farm started with our switching to raw milk.=).  So the newer milking parlor was built in 1970.  Not sure when the dairy closed, but the last owner purchased it in 1994,  
The last of the milking days for the dairy, was probably the last time this place was cleaned.  Look at the difference in the above pictures of the 1/2 cleaned wall and ceiling.
We hope to paint the ceiling and lime wash the walls next week.  We keep discovering little blessings, we were not even aware that we were getting...an entire post for another day.
We discovered there are trenches in the concrete floor, that were covered with grating.  That is where the cows stood during milking, and any spills or waste could be hosed off, running through a drain to the septic tank for the building.  The previous owner had filled the trenches in with wood framing, and covered  them with plywood to make a level floor for himself.  
There were rails between the trench and the big "pit" in the middle.  The milker would be in the pit, to either hand milk or hook up electric milkers to the cows.  This cut out all the bending and stooping to get under the cows.  
Ultimately, I would love to have the trenches covered with grating again, and everything working as it was intended.  But, we will try to  be patient and work on various projects as money allows.  Right now I'm just thrilled to have a milking parlor that is indoors, and has a concrete floor, instead of milking in mud!  We may partially fill the trenches with concrete, to reduce the cost of grating.  Or we may build a stanchion strattling the trench for now; the plywood and framing is still intact over the "pit".  Any ideas for us????

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  1. No ideas! You are in the big league now! I have one goat stanchion in a stall of the barn!
    Some day we will come see it all running to get ideas from you!