Last week 22 cows left the farm.  The pictures aren't good but it was very interesting for me and the kids to watch the cows being loaded up.  In our contract, the previous owner had 60 days to get all the animals and his equipment off of the farm.  I don't know what made him take the cows.....maybe it was the more than $30,000 that they are worth.
He did leave us Charmaine and Lora, both are pregnant.  We were also able to purchase Lilly, who belonged to the previous owner's relative.  

This little bull is being held with a nose thing, he is about to be banded ("fixed" so his mind will be on getting fat for slaughter, rather than on girls).
Sad to see them go, but so blessed to have 3 of out own....soon to be 6!

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  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Congrats!!! I am thrilled for the day when the Lord allows us to start our beef herd.