Still HERE

....and I do mean HERE.  Our 1st buyer walked away, after he spent $1,200 on appraisal, home inspection, and septic tank inspection---crazy!
 We were originally going to have only 10 days to get out of the house....so I turned into a packing machine....because he was a cash buyer---what could go wrong?!
 We are very thankful to have had a second offer, which we accepted.  Now my packing pace has slowed greatly, and we've even done some school.
I've packed many times, here are a few things I've learned:  Clean out your closet, but don't donate the clothes....not yet.  Framed artwork/photos wear old t-shirts wonderfully.  Just fold the arms over the chest, and fold the waist upwards, plenty of protection for frames.
 Padded envelopes are awesome; if you have a source.  We get multiple braille books in them every month, so I have quite a stash.  Oddly shaped accessories can be put in them, as well as framed art (cross-stitch made by my mom in 1973).
 Stretch wrap is your best friend.  Before kids, during graduate school, I worked at a furniture store, actually did an internship there as the decorator.  Stretch wrap is relatively cheap, and can be used for many things.  Wrap armoir/cabinet type furniture, so the doors do not swing open.  Wrap mattresses, box springs, and sofas, because strange sweaty men touching my fabric furniture is not something I want to think about.
 Wrap other stuff to help prevent the corners from getting banged up, of course moving blankets are still needed.
Craig$list is a great source for moving boxes, we got a ton left on the curb by someone who was crazy enough to spend money on them at HD.  
Not that anyone else I know needs packing tips right now...but you get what you pay for on this blog=)


  1. Wow - I hope the end is in sight. I so, so dislike moving!

  2. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Thankful you had that second offer. Cant wait to see your new place.~Trina

  3. ArGGGGG!! It is so hard being in limbo like that. Hope it goes by quickly!