Rainy day productivity

I baked bread,

Made 108 peanut butter cookies (most for freezing),
                                        Made  two  double recipe coffee cakes (4 breakfasts in freezer).

                       Then after lunch, I cooked meat for 4 casseroles. Made 2 lasagna's for the freezer.
Broke down about 100 boxes, so they would take up less space in the garage, and cleaned up in the garage.
Are you impressed...don't be....I'm gonna be a lazy bum today=)
Remember we had narrowed our house search down to 2 last week?  After making on offer on one, we woke up the next morning second guessing our decision; then the offer was countered, and we did not reply.
 Then we made an offer on the other house.  The seller is a cantankerous older man, who did not want to come off the price, did not want to pay 1/2 lawyer fees, and his "customary" portion of selling expenses, did not want to pay for termite letter, wanted 60 days to get the last of his stuff out the barn, and wanted double the earnest money.........cantankerous is a nice word; don't you think.  We did not counter his counter offer.
(photos of my snowball bush and lilacs)
So Friday we went to see a great house with 37 acres, it's a bit further than DH wanted to drive.
We made an offer, but haven't heard, as it is an estate.

Our house was shown on Sunday, and we are in the top 2...we're told they will be back some time this week to decide on which one to buy.
Please pray for us, we've never had such a frustrating home search/sale.

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  1. Good gracious! how are you even standing today? Great work though!