Our friend Delilah

 She lives at a farm we looked at on Saturday.  The most fun loving horse I've ever seen.
       They knew she was in the pasture, then one kid saw her come through the barn.  He went off to get the others, being loud, of course.
 I just knew Delilah would run back to the pasture, but she walked to the other end of the barn to see where the kid went!  And was soon greeted by a very loud mass of kids.  She loved it!
 This went on for over 30 minutes, and we had to leave.  We will not be buying the farm, but we may buy Delilah....she is 2 yo but not broken...hard to believe.
 After 250 miles, 11 hours, 7 houses, and $50 in fast food, we have narrowed our search down to 2 houses.
 Tuesday we go back to look at both of them and hopefully make a decision, and an offer.
 One house has 20 acres, on has 9.5.  Of course the one with more land, has the smaller house,
 by about 300 sq ft....argh!

 We've analyzed them to the hilt and are trying to decide.
 Fences would have to be built at both.  Kitchens would have to be updated at both.
 A wall between 2 small bedrooms would have to be knocked down at both.
 New wood floors and tile would be needed at both.
 Other than the square footage, and acreage, the houses are very comparable.  We figured a storm shelter added to one, and a few other small things, that $10k would make all those things equal.

Guess what the price difference is.....$10k.....which makes them equal......how to decide????

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  1. Location and land - which one is closer to Hubby's work? And which has more land? Have you ever had horses? They are so much work!! I'm fretting about the cow and donkey I'm planning for.